about me

Cady Driver is an award winning watercolor artist in the greater Raleigh, NC area. Her range of talents include book illustrations, portraiture and commissions across various mediums, including ink, graphite and color pencils. Cady's love for art and her passion for adoption have collided into a beautiful syncope of helping families raise funds for their adoptions. In 2016, the Driver family adopted Lian from China and in the process, Cady turned towards philanthropic work, painting and selling her art to help fund the adoption. Fast forward a few years and Cady's Fly Home fundraising has raised over $100,000 for adopting families and orphan care. In 2021, Cady's family welcomed another adopted child into their arms and through that adoption, hymnal bird fundraising (FlyHome Fundraising) came into being.

Cady paints blissfully during school hours and the rest of the time she's chasing her 5 kids around and waiting excitedly for her grandchild to be born! She also has two annoying cats and a super supportive man in her life.....and she washes her paint brush in her coffee during absent minded moments.

Cady is represented by The Leonard Collection.

Please contact Cady if you'd like to apply for a Fly Home Fundraiser.