FlyHome Fundraising

I started Fly Home Fundraising after I successfully painted and sold hundreds of framable bird hymnal prints to bring our daughter home. I'd love to help YOU bring your children home and help with the costs associated with adoption.

It's pretty easy.

1. Apply by sending me a quick email stating your family's journey AFTER you have a completed Homestudy.

2. Once your application is accepted, there will be a one time phone call with me where I can answer questions and help assist you in making your fundraiser as successful as possible.

3. You will choose 5 favorite hymnal titles which you will be able to order unlimited quantities of to sell for your adoption. (Please choose on the hymnal prints page and email me your choices)

4. I will connect you to my printer, giving you permission to order and sell those 5 hymns.

5. You may sell as many as you'd like (most families sell each print for around $15-$20 each. Contact your pastor and local church where you will find LOTS of interest in these beautiful pieces of art.

6. Make sure you are clear as to what these prints are. 8x10 hymnal giclee prints. Easy to pop into a frame, easy to mail, beautiful to gift!

7. Please only use my professional print photos for social media posts. You can pull them from my site or I can send them to you.

8. HONOR SYSTEM. These prints are ONLY to be used to raise money for your adoption. They have raised over $100,000 for other adoptions over the past few years. Some families have made up to $8,000 for their adoptions, but the average is around $3,000 per fundraiser.

Let me help you get your child HOME! Contact me!

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