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Art By Cady

pet portraits

pet portraits

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Turn your favorite photo of your pet into a gorgeous piece of art that you can cherish always. I work from photographs and portraits usually take around 2 weeks to complete. I work closely with the customer, sending them updates as I work to make sure I create the perfect piece that is envisioned. Choose your favorite colors and medium of watercolor, graphite, or colored pencil.
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Common Questions & Helps

How long will my pet portrait take to complete?

Pet portraits take around 2 weeks to complete, so give yourself time before a birthday or holiday for your order to be done!

Do you take on all projects for pet portraits?

No. I only take on projects that have several clear photos that I can work successfully with.

How do I photograph my pet to get good photos to work from?

Take your pet outside with treats. Make sure the light is good and speak to your pet or offer it a treat to get a happy, ears up expression on their face. Take several photos of the head and shoulders from several angles. We can discuss which photo is your favorite and will work the best for a painting.